Our Team

Baenninger Trading is selling quality products only. The combination of high-end pipe systems as well as installation equipment makes our range unique in the Middle East. But what are indicators for “high quality” manufacturers?

team2015bThere are two key factors to produce fully certified quality pipe systems for a minimum lifetime of 50 years:

Using high-quality raw materials of certified suppliers. These suppliers are usually providing all required information such as test reports along with the material. Approximately 85% of the price and at least 50% of the quality are depending on the raw material.

Highly educated and well-trained staff working based on the available standards. Specified in these standards is information like testing frequency and minimum required data of material reports as well as product related information.

Baenninger TeamAs a customer of Baenninger Trading, you can be sure that all items are manufactured by well-educated and highly motivated employees following all required standards. Owing to the fact that both partners have a high percentage of export business worldwide the customers will find multilingual contacts in sales and purchase as well as in the management.

Baenninger Middle East LLC machine operators are experienced for many years in the region and have been fully trained in Germany to guarantee that there is no difference between Quality “Made in Germany” and “Made in UAE“. A complete implemented TQM (Total Quality Management) system helps to avoid any quality problems.

At Baenninger we do not compromise on quality – Because Water is Life.