Baenninger Trading LLC located in Dubai is the exclusive agent for HDPE100 fittings manufactured by Bänninger Germany as well as all drainage and sewage pipe systems manufactured by Gebr. Ostendorf Kunststoffe GmbH.

The philosophy of providing pipe systems for almost all gas and water applications in-house and underground are already implemented and highly appreciated from the market. To have only one contact for various systems is reducing the reaction time and makes it easier to build up professional relationships between the customer and the supplier. Furthermore it a huge Advantage for customers to have two long-life systems in one project to avoid huge maintenance jobs and costs because finally, it doesn’t matter for which reason or system customers need maintenance. All products in the range are certified by many European testing authorities and tested for a lifetime of 50 years in case of proper installations and using for the right applications.

To complete the solution, Baenninger Trading offers site inspections as well as technical support for customer satisfaction.

Ostendorf Kunststoffe