Baenninger Trading LLC is the responsible subsidiary of Bänninger Group, working on the markets in the Middle East and East Africa. Since 2011 Baenninger Trading LLC is continuously expanding by bringing new products in the range. The focus hereby is on European preferred German products to guarantee high quality and a maximum lifetime.

The described story of success would not be possible without partners in different fields building a network of support to guarantee the quality of the products, the delivery on time as well as an immediate Service or Support.

Middle East Partners in many countries all over the region are keeping huge stock to guarantee a fast supply and made the BR brand as famous as it is. Backed up by technical support from Baenninger Trading LLC our partners are able to get the products in range into many projects.

Distributors chosen by and working for our Agents are building domestic networks to target all regions as well as all customer segments. Our distributors are well trained and maintaining the best customer care.

Consultants are the key to projects and are responsible for the specification and therefore the project quality. A special thanks to Company Architectural Landskröner & Köhler which is working very closely with BR to guarantee outstanding quality and a maximum lifetime of your buildings.

Suppliers in various fields are very important to guarantee a good quality of the products, delivery on time, tools related Services. Baenninger Trading LLC is only dealing in the field of high-quality products. Strategic partners such as FRIATEC AG and Ostendorf Kunststoffe GmbH are guaranteeing a high standard of quality for customer satisfaction.

partner2015cThank you for your great support in the past. Baenninger, FRIATEC and Ostendorf Kunststoffe hope the relationships will always be as it is now. To demonstrate the strength and values in all co-operation, Baenninger Trading LLC always talks with its partners.