Material: PP-R Polypropylene-Random Copolymerized – RAL 6017 may green.

Requirements: Baenninger PP-R pipe systems fulfill the requirements of DIN EN ISO 1874 and DIN8077/8078 Group 4 plastic pipe systems for cold and warm water installations.

Dimensions/type: DN16 up to DN500. Working pressure:

  • – Cold water 20°C up to 20 bar
  • – Hot water 70°C up to 10 bar
  • – Heater 70°C up to 3 bar

Applications: Drinking water, warm water, heating, biogas plants, sanitary applications.

Advantages: All our fittings are fully injection molded and therefore without any weakening factors. Compared to fabricated or segmented items (weakening factors ISO 4427-3:2007). Offering the technically correct solution. “Elbow“ instead of “bend” is another proof for high quality “Made in Germany”. Approved in most countries all over the world including the USA.

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Baenninger PP-R

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Baenninger PP-R


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