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Ostendorf is a high-quality manufacturer for non-pressure pipe systems made of various plastics and different applications. To meet different market segments, Ostendorf is dividing the products into a standard version and a version with special properties. In-house waste pipe systems are either the premium sound proof system called Skolan Safe or the standard high-temperature polypropylene (HT-Safe). The focus on PP is a result on the temperature behavior (90° Celsius vs 60° Celsius for KG PVC-U). For underground drainage, Ostendorf is offering either the premium KG 2000, which is a solid wall system made of mineral reinforced PP or the standard PVC-U.

Skolan Safe is a high-quality soundproof waste water pipe system made of Polypropylene. Especially in reference projects such as Luxury Hotels, Hospitals, Universities or private Villas Skolan Safe is a must for the confidence of customers and to avoid any disturbance from not wanted water noise.


The standard low-noise in-house waste water system of Ostendorf is flame resistant according to Class B1 and can withstand temperatures of 90° Celsius long-term as well as 120° Celsius short term. The temperature behavior is the main reason why many countries in Europe are changing from UPVC to HT-Safe in the in-house applications. It is commonly used for residential buildings and medium range hotels.


Magnaplast KG 2000The strong solid wall underground drainage pipe system called “KG2000” is made of reinforced Polypropylene. KG 2000 has a huge customer base in Kuwait and will also come to other Middle East countries. If you are looking for a high quality substitute for KG-UPVC – KG2000 is definitely the right way.


Magnaplast KG PVC-UThe standard underground drainage system made of Calcium/Zinc stabilized PVC-U manufactured by Ostendorf is a bestseller in most countries over the world. With the reputation of more than 50 years market usage UPVC is a good solution in many applications.


The key to the success of Ostendorf is the full package for all drainage & sewage applications. Offering technical services as well as offering site inspections makes Ostendorf products a safe investment. All drainage and sewage items in the range of Baenninger Trading were introduced under the brand name Magnaplast. Ostendorf and Magnaplast merged at the end of 2014.

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