FRIALEN XL Large Pipe Technology

Material: High-Density Polyethylene PE100

Requirements: FRIALEN® XL Safety Fittings are designed to meet the requirements according to EN 1555-3, EN 12201-3, ISO 4427-3, and ISO 4437-3. The processing of FRIALEN® Safety Fittings with FRIAMAT® fusion units is possible at ambient temperatures between -10°C and +45°C.

Dimensions/type: FRIALEN® XL Safety Fittings are available from d250 – d1200 and in different pressure classes:

Water application: from 10 – 25bar
Gas application: from 5 – 10bar

Applications: Underground mainline installation for gas, water, chemical, industrial and wastewater applications.

Advantages: Pre-heating technology: allows closing gap even before doing the welding in order to secure a safe and leak-tight joint. Re-enforcements ring: will stop the expansion of fittings and support the welding process. Exposed heating coils: allow safe welding even without holding devices.


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