Material: Polyvinyl chloride plasticized stabilized with calcium-zinc – RAL 8023 orange/brown.

Requirements: Ostendorf PVC pipes and fittings are manufactured according to DIN EN1401 or EN13476-2.

Dimensions: DN110 up to DN500.

Working pressure: non-pressure gravity system with push fit connection.

Applications: PVC-U pipes and fittings for underground drainage in ring stiffness SN4 and solid wall pipes in Sn8.

Advantages: High degree of strength, elastic response, long-term stability, chemical and abrasion resistance, lifetime up to 100 years, quick installation, highly costs effective, ecological stabilizer calcium-zinc – better for health and safety reason compared to other solutions like lead, chemical resistance from pH2 up to pH12.

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Ostendorf KG PVC-U
Ostendorf KG PVC-U


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