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All items are manufactured in Germany.

Polypropylene mineral-reinforced solid wall Soundproof System– PP RAL 7035 light grey color.


Ostendorf SkolanSafe is manufactured according to Z-42.1-217 DIN EN1451-1 in association with DIN19560-10 and meeting the sound-absorption requirements as per DIN4109.


DN50 up to DN200


Working pressure: 
non-pressure gravity system with a push-fit connection.


Soundproof in-house drainage and wastewater system that is meeting the applications of installations and dimensioning according to DIN EN12056 and 1986-100.


SkolanSafe stops noise = wall thickness = quietness = comfort of living, Fraunhofer certified as soundproof 20dB without a special clamp at 4l/s according to DIN4109 and VDI4100, classified as class B2 flame resistant, resistant to chemicals in the range of pH2 up to pH12, corrosion-proof, easy to install, Constant quality checks, increases the property value, for use in all areas of building construction, excellent mechanical and acoustic properties, quick installation, ecological raw material. Due to newly developed and patented 3-layer Lip Seal the installation is now even easier and the connection is much more secure than before

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