Frequently Asked Questions

We want to answer the most frequently asked question about Baenninger and its products, its applications and specifications. We update this FAQ section continuously, so please come back soon, if you have an open question about us. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us directly.

Company related questions

Are displayed materials on stock in the Middle East?

In general Baenninger Trading keeping a stock for all materials in range. Standard dimensions for HDPE (BR and FRIATEC) from d25 – 500mm SDR11 are usually available. We are planning to store SDR17 from d200 – 500mm from Q4 2014.

All Magnaplast items are on stock as well. BR Trading is keeping a range from

– d32 – 160mm for HT-PP

– DN56 – 200mm for Skolan db

– d110 – 315mm for KG-PVC-U

– d110 – 200mm for KG2000

Accessories like peeling, mounting and welding units are usually on stock in smaller quantities.

PP-R and PP-RCT is available in most Middle East country through our agents displayed in the Partners area.

Who is Bänninger?

Bänninger is private owned German manufacturer for plastic pipe systems in field of Gas and Water supply. The original Bänninger was found in 1909 and split into a plastic- and a cooper division in 1969.

The company is owned by Stamm & Ertl GmbH who are also filling the Management positions.

Why is Baenninger Trading a perfect supplier?

Baenninger Trading has a range of various plastic pipe Systems for most applications. We are guiding customers how to find the correct material for the required purposes. Backed up by a technical support by German specialists we guarantee to serve you for your confidence.

Quality related questions

What are the differences of Certificates?

1. ISO is a certificate for the company and its Quality Management System –  ISO 9001:2008. The ISO certificate is independent from the quality of products.

2. SKZ A492 for example is a certificate for the “Production Process”.

3. Certifcates like WRAS or DVGW are finally proofing the quality of the “End Product” – example: “usable for drinking water”

4. ITP = Internal test protocol. ITPs are usually issued according to internal testing procedures.

Solution selling

How can I make sure to on the safe side?

By offering customer Service & Support from highly educated German Technicians are helping to reach your targets safe. The product range of Baenninger Trading is offering high quality products manufactured to European Standards and are therefore a safe solution depending on specifications.

What is our definition for a “full package”?

Full package means that we are selling not only parts of a solution. Baenninger Trading has a wide range of:

– Pipes

– Fittings

– Special parts

– Mounting materials

– Welding tools

– Personal assistance

Why is Baenninger Trading a solution seller?

The target of Baenninger Trading is to sell high quality plastic pipe systems for various application. To guarantee a safe installation and customer confidence BR is also stocking instalation materials, mounting materials and welding equipment which are completing the package. One contact for one solution. All jobs can be backed up by our German technicians who would be happy to either assist you on site, arrange training for various purposes or by just checking your instalations.

Technical questions

What are the advantages of KG2000(PP) compared to KG-PVC-U?

KG2000 is made of a mineral reinforced Polypropylene. It has a higher ring stiffness as well as a higher impact resistance compared to PVC-U. Additionally KG2000 can be used in temperatures from -20°C to +95°C while PVC-U is limited from 0°C to 60°C. Compared to PVC-U KG2000 is a green material.

What are the definitions of SDR and PN?

SDR is the short cut for Standart Dimension Ratio what describes the relation between outer diameter and wall thickness. Both dimensions determine the the allowed pressure depending on the material. The smaller the SDR the smaller the maximum nominal pressure.

PN is the short cut for Nominal Pressure which describes the maximum allowed pressure of the system at 20°C depending on the total coefficient

Total coefficient is defined as working coefficient plus safety factors.

What are the differences between PE80 and PE100?

Polyethylene materials are divided in density, molecular weight or creep rupture properties. The main difference of PE80 and PE100 is the minimum strength of the material which is measured with 8.0MPa for PE80 and 10.0MPa for PE100. Classifications of  minimum strength for PE  are according to DIN8074 and DIN EN ISO 12162. The minimum strength of PE100 is higher compared to PE80 what means that the maximum loading capacity for PE 100 is higher.

What is the definition of flame resistance? How are Ostendorf in-house solution classified?

Flame resistance is defined as per DIN4102. The standard is into flame resistant class B1 and B2. B1 means that as soon as the flame is distinguished any fire on the pipe should be off within 5 seconds without further support. B2 means that the pipe continues burning after the fire is off.

Because of having a special flame retarder in the material Ostendorf HT-PP  is classified as B1.

Skolan db is classified as B2.


What is the difference between soundproof and sound absorbing? How is it measured?

Soundproof is certified according to DIN4109 and VDI4100. The is carried out by the Fraunhofer Institut for Bauphysik in Germany where the sounds of pipe installations are measured according to customer requirements. Ostendorf Skolan db is tested without a special clamp but under the most extrem conditions available at Fraunhofer with db 20(A). Conditions:

– Flow rate 4.0 l/s; Installation sound level Ln db(A) measured in basement test-room UG FRONT; No special clamp

Sound absorbing means that because of a special formula of mineral reinforcement HT-PP material from Magnaplast is working sound protective.

Which kind of PP-R/ PP-RCT pipe shall I install?

The reason for different kinds of pipes are related to various applications. Depending on the application we can help you to find the correct pipe.

PP-R single layer:

PP-RCT single layer:

PP-RCT multi layer:

Stabi pipes:

UV- Protection foil:

Why is PVC-U often stabilized with Calcium/Zinc? What is the advantage of Calcium/Zinc against other materials?

Liquids are causing little washouts. To reduce the influence on the lifetime of the system PVC-U manufacturers are using stabilizers such as Calcium/Zinc. The advantage of Calcium/Zinc is that it is ecological. Manufactures using lead are risking end users health. With effect from 2015 lead stabilization will be forbidden in the European Union.

Why shall I use a PP instead of PVC?

PP has a better temperature resistance

PP is a pure ecological material so there are no toxic fumes in case of a fire