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The Bänninger Group established Baenninger Trading LLC in 2011 as their subsidiary in Dubai which is since handling the business of Bänninger in the Middle East region.

Baenninger Trading LLC is working based on norms and user-defined internal processes to minimize potential issues. Countries like the Kingdom of Bahrain, Sultanate of Oman, Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and many more are already benefitting from our branch in Dubai.


Over the past 10 years Baenninger Trading LLC has gained recognition and a liable customer base and  is now working as a logistics center for various European brands in the Middle East region offering customer support and site services to guarantee the quality of the systems.
Over the years we have added products from all our partners which led to increased demand of storage. For this reason we currently guarantee a temperature controlled storage capacity of more than 1000 Pallet spaces and hundreds of meters of pipe storage.


Our philosophy is to offer our customers the most efficient customer experience possible. For this we make sure the right person will be handling the task to guide and support. Baenninger Trading LLC is driven to work very close with his customers and project partners to improve Customer-Relationship Management in the regions of the Middle East.

Baenninger Trading LLC was very successful in its short history because of many factors. One main factor are our employees. They are highly educated and have huge professional experience in their field. Investment in Development is the other main driver of the company. Training classes, welder licenses as well as on the job training are the fundament of offering high-quality solutions.


Third party certification is very important to proof the quality of a system. Baenninger Trading LLC offers products which are certified by many European testing Institutes such as SKZ, DIN CERTCO, AENOR, DVGW, OVGW, Fraunhofer Institute, and MPA branches.


We invite everybody to visit us in our Premises in DIP2.

Bänninger Group

Bänninger has a variety of operations to support the production facilities in Germany. Please check out the subsidiaries within the Bänninger Group.

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