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Bänninger Kunststoff-Produkte GmbH

Product Origin:

All items are manufactured in Germany.


PP-RCT is a new generation poly­propylene raw material. The nucle­ation process (beta) of the PP-RCT material leads to more and smaller crystals compared to standard PP-R. The finer structure combined results in a considerably higher strength at higher temperatures. PP-RCT products are made from pure origin raw material in RAL 6024 traffic green.

Baenninger PP-RCT – the new generation crystalline structure (Beta nucleated) is meeting the requirements of ISO 1043-1, DIN 8077/8078 Group 4, EN ISO 15874.

Our PP-RCT System is fully certified by the following institutions
DIN CERTCO / ÖVGW / AENOR / WRAS / NSF61 & 14 and many more around the world

Our system is approved by the major governmental institutions in the UAE like ADNOC , ADCE and Musanada.

Ministry of Works Bahrain. More to come....

Baenninger produces all fittings and pipes in the range d20 up to d500.
All fittings are injection molded type only and therefore fully pressure rated.

Working pressure with a reduced wall thickness:

  • Cold water 20°C up to 20bar

  • Hot water 70°C up to 10bar

  • Heater 70°C up to 3bar

Systems for sanitary installations, hot and cold water, heating plants, systems for use of storm water, apparatus and plant construction, floor heating, greenhouses, shipbuilding, water treatment, compressed air lines, cooling towers and many other.



  • The pressure resistance of PP-RCT pipes is much higher than that of standard PP-R pipes allowing higher temperatures. This allows for higher system pressure or temperatures. 

  • Fully injection molded system up to 500mm to guarantee full pressure rating compared to segmented systems

  • Higher pressure resistance at higher temperatures 

  • Lower thermal expansion of multilayer pipes 

  • Higher flow rate (Approx. 17%) due to decreased wall thickness but remaining equal or higher pressure rates

  • Metal inserts made of Brass or even Lead free brass for corrosion free lifetime / no incrustations / No dezincification 
    manufactured with internal gaskets for leak-free operations/ High weight and highest possible flow rate

  • More Flexibility and efficiency with Bänningers Weld in Saddles available for all pipe dimensions and threaded or socketed outlet in various dimensions 

  • Please see the flyer for in-depth comparison to conventional PP-R. Click here

New Product Developments: 

We are currently changing all our Metal Inserts from Red Brass to Lead-free Brass (LFB)

Please find closer information here in our Leaflet.

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