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Ostendorf Kunststoffe GmbH

Product Origin:

All items are manufactured in Germany.

Polypropylene (PP), mineral-reinforced – Spring green RAL 6017.


Ostendorf KG2000 pipes and fittings are manufactured according to DIN EN14758


DN110 up to DN500.


Working pressure: 
Non-pressure gravity system with push fit connection.


Underground sewers and wastewater pipes. The pipes are resistant to normal wastewater (pH2 – pH12). In special cases, the chemical resistance can be seen on the supplementary sheet no. 1 of DIN 8078.

Advantages: Stability under extreme conditions, patented gaskets, high impact resistance, easy to install, massive wall technology with a high ring stiffness SN10, higher temperature, chemical resistance from pH2 up to pH12.

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