Baenninger Products

We are a manufacturer of high-quality pressure pipe systems made of various plastics for different applications. A wide range of PP-R and PP-RCT pipes and fittings, uniquely sized for injection molded HDPE 100 butt fusion fittings, as well as PVC-U pressure fittings, are available from us. All products are certified in many countries worldwide.

Baenninger PP-RCTBaenninger is known all over the world for PP-R pipe systems. To improve the quality and break the limitations of PP-R Baenninger is offering the future material called PP-RCT which has unique properties and is certified for all molded fittings up to d500mm. Baenninger stands for unique quality “Made in Germany“.


Baenninger HD-PE 100Baenninger fittings made of High-Density Polyethylene are well known in the European as well as in the North African countries. High quality and an experience of more than 35 years make Baenninger HDPE fittings to a safe solution for various applications.


Baenninger PVC-U

Pressure fittings manufactured by Baenninger are the solution for a wide range of applications. Since 1969 Baenninger is manufacturing PVC-U pressure fittings. Experience of more than 45 years, as well as a continuous development of the products, make Baenninger PVC-U a safe investment.



To provide perfect customer service and to guarantee a safe installation Baenninger is also offering accessories like clips, clamps and welding equipment manufactured by European partners. If requested additional service like site inspection as well as training and seminars can be offered as special support for our customers.

The key to success at Baenninger is that full solutions are offered and not only parts of it. Starting with the support to find the correct pipe related to the application and finishing by giving assistance on-site in the field of installation training and inspections make Baenninger Products a safe investment.

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