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Bänninger Rohrleitungssysteme GmbH

The center of our high-quality PP-R and PP-RCT pipe system is located in Stassfurt in the eastern part of Germany. The subsidiary Bänninger Rohrleitungssysteme GmbH is belonging to the Bänninger Group since 1990. In 1993 Bänninger Rohrleitungssysteme GmbH became the main plant for manufacturing the full system in PP-R and later PP-RCT.

In 2006 a new manufacturing facility has been built to increase the capacity and help BR to reduce delivery time for their customers worldwide.

In 2020 the latest addition to the production facilities has been completed and with more extruders and other machinery Bänninger will be able to cope up with the increased demand for their PP-RCT piping system. 


Bänninger Rohrleitungssysteme GmbH

Athenslebener Weg 21
39418 Stassfurt

Work Phone: +49 3925 280116
Work Fax: +49 3925 621559
Work Email:

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