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Baänninger Kunststoff-Produkte GmbH

Product Origin:

All items are manufactured in Germany.


PP-R Polypropylene-Random Crystalline structure temperature resistance – RAL 6024 traffic green.

Baenninger PP-RCT – the new generation crystalline structure (β nucleate) is meeting the requirements of ISO 1043-1, DIN 8077/8078 Group 4, EN ISO 15874.


DN16 up to DN500.

Working pressure with a reduced wall thickness compared to PP-R:

  • Cold water 20°C up to 20bar

  • Hot water 70°C up to 10bar

  • Heater 70°C up to 3bar

Systems for sanitary installations, hot and cold water, heating plants, systems for use of stormwater, apparatus and plant construction, floor heating, greenhouses, shipbuilding, water treatment, compressed air lines, cooling towers and many other.


The excellent corrosion resistance guarantees a long-lasting service life of installation lines in the building services without any fear of some line damage. Higher pressure resistance at higher temperatures compared to PP-R, reduced.


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